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Years of waiting, months of studying and planning, and a different approach to a sixty year-old building is making our school and other buildings on campus ready for air-conditioning. Necessity is compelling us to replace and upgrade campus-wide heating. Comfort is not the only reason for this undertaking: new equipment and controls mean significantly improved efficiency and note-worthy operational savings. Improved environmental spaces will expand the use of our buildings throughout the year. Help us invest in the future of our parish and school mission, and community life.

September 2, 2015:  The old boilers are completely gone and new ones are in place. Everything is being connected, day by day, to be sure heating is in place for cool fall and cold winter temps. For the first time ever in the history of our school, A/C is installed and running in the grade school. This replacement of the old equipment, which is decades old, and installation of A/C in the grade school, will make our buildings on the Cathedral campus more useful throughout the year, will keep our operational costs down and will extend the life of our infrastructure for years into the future. This is a 2.5 million dollar project. It keeps the promise made by the Cathedral Builders over one-hundred years ago, that this is a Cathedral for the ages. We are doing our part to honor that promise. 

The Promise was made two years ago:

- Replace the 69 year-old boiler that serves the entire campus

- Replace the 25 year-old air conditioning system in the Cathedral

- Install an air conditioning system in the grade school, gymnasium, and cafeteria

- Assure the HVAC control system for the next generation at Saint Cecilia Cathedral

- Enhance every visit to the Cathedral campus


Our Plan is:

- To install air conditioning in the entire grade school and child care building, and upgrade the controls for building-wide HVAC operation.

- To provide new opportunities for additional and year-round activities because of quality HVAC operations.

- To connect new equipment and controls that will result in a 30% reduced operating expense across the campus.

- To install new LED lighting in the school and cafeteria that will reduce operational costs by 75%. Reduced maintenance costs will yield additional savings annually.



- Boiler campus wide service $ 558,370.00

- A/C & controls for school $ 427,120.00

- A/C & controls for cafeteria $ 262,947.00

- A/C in original school $ 277,900.00

- Gymnasium $ 151,876.00

- Cathedral $ 334,025.00

- Rectory boiler & pumps $ 91,174.00

- Engineering studies $ 226,300.00

Total $ 2,329,712.00


 Read the case statement in the Chimes

 See the progress in photos


Please join in the campaign and make a pledge and donation.

One-hundred percent of your donation stays at Saint Cecilia Cathedral Parish.

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