Cathedral - The Interior

"Celebratory and joyous" are words used to describe the interior of Saint Cecilia Cathedral. The space is rich in color and detail, yet calm and open; a space more in keeping with its Spanish Renaissance style and architect Thomas Rogers Kimball's vision; a space of profound reverence and harmony.  

The beauty of Saint Cecilia Cathedral has the ability to touch our hearts and minds with grandeur and intimacy, narrative and metaphor, intricacy and essence, and most of all and quite simply--beauty. Through color, sound, and light, the richness of materials, and the heartfelt dedication of its creators, we intuit the divinity of Creation. This place is for the great ceremonies of the Catholic Church. This place is for quiet contemplation. Here we share the personal rituals of our lives. It is a place made sacred by art, intention, and grace.


~The Beauty of Thy House, 2005


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  Saint Cecilia in the church  

  The Sanctuary

  The Chapels

  The Windows

  The Statues   

  The Shields

  The Murals

  The Art   

  The Marble  

  The Organ   

  The Ambulatories  

  The Vaults  

  The Stations of the Cross  

  The Sculptor

  The Interior Architecture

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