PPC Paul Lehn

Almost 70 years ago, my family moved into the Cathedral parish. My first recollection of the Cathedral was that the interior was mostly brick. How things have changed!!!! I attended St. Cecilia Elementary School. Until the 5th grade, I would have been considered a problem child, however, the nuns gave me a little special attention and a lot of tough love, and by the 7th grade I was starting to be a pretty good student. Beside a good education, they taught me to think and to have self discipline. I also had fun going to school! Just a side note. In 7th grade there was the first lay teacher to teach at St. Cecilia. Miss Maxwell. Most know her as Mrs. Pryor. Our class was the 50th graduation class. I attended Cathedral High, where I receive a great education that prepared me for college, Creighton University, and the rest of my life. I taught at Omaha North High for 33 years. I married a great South Omaha gal, Janet, in 1974. We had 8 children. All attended St Cecilia and they all feel that they received a great education that prepared them for high school, college, and life. Laura, our youngest, was in the 100th graduating class. During my adult life here at Cathedral, I have been Octoberfest chairman, on the School board and the Finance committee. I am now serving on the Parish Pastoral Council. I am active in the Knights of Columbus Council 652. This parish has truly been like a large family to me. My family has been included in the greater family that is St. Cecilia Cathedral parish. Our faith has grown and keeps growing because of the church and the great people of this parish.